About Felton Electric

Felton Electric is a medium sized merit shop contractor. established in april of 1982.

Felton Electric was established by Eric Burchak and Tim Miller. Both of these individuals were owner's or operators of medium-sized union contractors. Eric and Tim were both electricians before their contracting experience started.

Eric and Tim were heavily involved in design-build contracts before Felton was established. They decided to form Felton as a response to Cleveland's need for a reputable and competent design-build merit shop electrical contractor. Eric retired from Felton in 2003, and Tim Miller is now the sole owner / operator.

Felton performs budgeting, engineering, and construction for their clients. They perform work for both owners and general contractors. Felton has designed and constructed jobs for Chartwell, Duke, Coven Goldman, Drake Construction, Nyman Construction, Darden, and countless other organizations. (read more)